Best Shipping agency and marine services in Egypt


 Egypt plays an important role in the maritime transport industry due to its distinguished location in the middle of the continents of the ancient world, its possession of many important ports, in addition to the Suez Canal one of the most important seas lanes in the world.

tug boat
Marine industry

All this made Egypt the destination of many ships around the world, Shipowners heading to it always seek to reach For the best local agents who provide the best services for their ships, taking into account the professionalism at work, through the following article, we will review together, one of the best shipping agencies in Egypt.

“General for Shipping Agencies, Marine Services, and Investment S.A.E” is one of  “Fouad tallat group and companies”, its leading shipping agency based in Alexandria seeking to  Build a long-term relationship with customers by delivering integrated services at the highest  levels of quality and safety with world-class performance.

container terminal

Agency teamwork

Agency is an Egyptian shareholding independent company by a team of experts having integrated and vast experiences in different aspects of the shipping industry, logistics, strategy, business development, quality management, risk management, developing effective solutions to meet and satisfy customers’ needs and expectations and helping in developing the shipping service industry in Egypt.

Agency services

Services which agency providing:

  •  Shipping Agencyon behalf of shipping owners, charters and cargo owners for all kinds and sizes of vessels at all Egyptian ports, they can serve all kinds and sizes of ships during the transit of the Suez Canal.

  • Husbandry Services”  as agency team have strong relationships with the local supplies and authorities, can provide a quick, accurate at most economic services, such as – but not limited to the following:

1.       Crew changes,
2.       Bunkering,
3.       Ship stores,
4.       Ship repairs,
5.       Marine survey,
6.       Freshwater supply,
7.       Garbage, slops, and sludge disposal.


  •  Stevedoringby offering stevedoring and secondary handling facilities ship-owners, cargo owners and charters can ensure a consistent and efficient all-in-one service, their team can control the loading / discharging of customers product using their foremen and supervisors, also they can handling General, Dangerous, Project, Heavy Lifts, cargoes, and Containers.

container handling
container handling

  • Suez Canal TransitIn addition to serving vessels at all Egyptian ports, they can handle the operations to all kinds and sizes of vessels which transiting the Suez Canal properly and smoothly, also arranging Suez Canal long haul rebate, preparing the form for owners/charterers.

  • Charteringcan cover any requirements of shipments whatever the size and the kind.

  •  “Off-shore AgencyGeneral Group Egypt provides comprehensive and specialist support services to the offshore oil industry, we offer considerable experience and capability in offshore industry requirements.

Finally, if you are interested in appointing them you can contact them via:

Head Office (Alexandria)

Phone: + 20 3 4851252

Fax: + 20 3 4851252

Mobile No: +201008887701 & +201557487113

Email: info@generalgroup.com.eg

Website: visit from here

Giza Office

Phone: + 20 1558587701



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